Firebuddies - connecting people who care for horses!

When a fire is upon us, we all know that there is VERY little time to act. If you know that a severe fire danger is being issued and the following few days are not going to be good, worrying about animals is the last thing you want to do but usually the first thing that comes to mind!

This web site is NOT to be used in the event of a fire. It is meant to help set up a system of like-minded people to become BUDDIES, so that if the need arises, their animals are already organised (Well in advance)!

This is web site so people can REGISTER their details as either of the 2 options below.
  • Option 1 You live in a LOW fire risk area You would like to offer your place as a refuge for someone if the days to follow mean a fire could easily get out of control.
  • Option 2 You live in a HIGH fire risk area You would like to leave your horses with someone for a few days, so they would be safe.
  • Option 3 You are happy to do both option 1 & 2   So what do you do now.....

1 Decide which option you want to go with.
2 Understand that this is all done at your own risk.
3 Download the form (BELOW), send your details to the address shown and I will complete the database and pair people together. 
4 Then I will send you your buddy's details.
5 You make contact and make arrangements with your buddy, during winter time, well before any emergency.

Let's keep all horses safe and well


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